Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bad computer

A few weeks back I started up my laptop and and started to get dll errors. Oh joy, what fun! i could not get the log on screen to come up. So, I go to the desk top and look up the problem. It looked sooo easy. Just put in the recovery disk and restore the OS and you will not loose any data. Wow, even a caveman can do it. So, i put in my recovery disk and follow all of the prompts as required and then restart the system as asked to do. Everything looks normal, it looks like it is going to work...then it gets stuck in a resetting loop that i can not get it out of. Well, I have gone this far, I may as well look up that problem too.( Google is very dangerous) I found the exact problem that I was having and the geek went into removing a boot ini file and something else in computerese. I thought long and hard, but in the end I sent it off to my IT department. I got an e-mail saying that the hard drive is toast and they were only able to save 2 gig for files that they will send me next week. CRAP!!!! Well there goes my i-tunes and my pictures. I had most of my pictures backed up on CD so not all is lost. Lesson learned, back up more often. Oh well.


Shannon said...

Yup that lesson sucks!

David said...

I just lost one of my servers at work. It was a good thing we had backups. It made me re-think the way i do my backups here. I am looking at getting an 2TB array fro home to hold all of our pictures. we only have about 70GB of pictures but we also want to move our DVD's the the NAS also. Remember Buba has A lot of music.