Saturday, December 13, 2008

Road Trip

I took a road trip to Eagle Pass on Wednesday. I Left here at 0415 with one of my doctors to do access rounds. The trip was uneventful until the return drive. While on Hwy 57 I saw the biggest owl that I have ever seen. I looked to be about 2 feet tall sitting in a tree. I looked up Texas owls but I am still not sure which one it is. I also learned that there are lots of owls that live in the area. During my research I found a site that had instrustions for making an owl house. It would be so cool to have owls nesting in the yard. I have just the place for one in the large oak tree in my back yard. The article said that it can sometimes take several seasons to have owls move in. Once completed I will post pictures. I hope to have tenents soon.


Shannon said...

Ummm...You know owls will eat dogs, right? If you get a great horned owl (and there is a mated pair down in the creek past Paul's) it will EAT Maggie!

We had a great horned owl years ago that was rescued from a west side bar and later released on our property. I saw Who (stupid owl) take the big tom turkey from the barnyard and fly off. I guarantee that turkey was bigger than your obese wiener dog!

Danny said...

The nesting box that I am building is not large enough to support a great horned owl. I am hopeful for the smaller screech owl variety. With my luck, honey bees will find it and move it.

Shannon said...

With your luck it will be killer bees!