Friday, August 28, 2009

First week

Christopher finished up his first week of High School, in a public school. He has been going to Catholic school since pre-kinder, 10 years. His campus is huge compared to his old school as is the number of students, over 800 freshmen. I was glad to see that he gets a set of books for home use and a set in the classroom for use at school. That is so much better that having to cart your books back and forth as I did while I was in school. Soon there will come a time when all text books are electronic. He had his first pep rally today as the first varsity football game is tomorrow. He had a lot of fun and is fitting in really well. I'm so proud of him.

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Shannon said...

Cool! Glad Chris is having fun. Monday is Cody's forst day at his new school. He is going to the DODDS school so he can do ROTC since he has decided he wants to join the military after graduation. It feels really different than an international school. Very American. Should be interesting to see how he does.