Monday, April 26, 2010

Hot days and fewer clothes

I went to the zoo this weekend. I took the kids because they still like to go, even at 15 and 17 years old. I would go even if the kids didn't go. I like to watch the people even more that the animals in the pens and cages. As the Texas heat builds and gets hotter and more humid the fewer clothes are worn. Now I am an equal opportunity gawker. I watch the women and the men. I watch the skinny ones and fat ones. As well as the pretty ones and ugly ones.

I find it interesting the parts of the body that gets pierced and or tattooed. I have heard it said that you can tell if someone is bi-polar by the number of piercings they have. Any number over 7 is a sure bet they are. (Or 7 rings is a pretty good indicator!) I saw many people that fit this category. Facial piercings were the most common. I did see one guy with bars on his neck and there was a woman that was wearing a tee shirt and no bra. You could see her nipple piercings through the tight shirt. How tacky is that!

Even more interesting than the piercings are the tattoos. There were several people there that had full body tattoos, 3 women and 1 man. I saw everything from dragons and fairies to Koi and hibiscus flowers. I am amazed at how many people have names tattooed on various parts of their body. It seems like the neck is the most popular followed by the upper back just below the neck for the women. I was thinking to my self what is the point of that. So the guy can remember his name while doing it like the animals do? Please!

I will be glad when I can go to Six Flags this summer. I will park myself by the pool and keep entertained for hours on end!

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