Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Vampire's new trick

I was at work last week when my cell phone rang. It had an unfamiliar area code so I answered it. It was the blood bank calling to set up a donation. I thought this unusual because I have their number memorized. I felt bad that it has been so long since I last donated. I said sure, sign me up for platelets for Sunday.

I arrive early just in case they have a cancellation. I get the paperwork done and kick back to read my Nook book. I no sooner turn it on and I get called into the screening room. My weight is up and my blood pressure is down. Oh well.

The first thing I notice when I get to the back is that they did a remodel. The canteen was made larger and they had computers set up for the donors to use. The next thing I noticed was all the new faces. I only saw two techs that I knew. This does not concern me as I have such good veins.

The tech sticks the 15 gauge needle in my arm and I don't even feel it at all. She took a blood sample and returned a few minutes later. I was eligible for a double platelet and a unit of red cells for 90 minutes on the machine. Sure, why not. I have nothing else planed for the morning.

I looked through the movie list to see if they have any new movies that I want to see. Nothing peaks my interest so I decide to just read my book. 90 minutes just flew by and my procedure was complete.

I'm not sure why I have been avoiding the vampires here lately. I have never had a bad experience and everyone treats me nice. I guess I just needed a break.

Well, breaks over!

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