Saturday, January 10, 2009

Are you afraid of heights?

Well, here is the finished project. I used a rope to haul the Owl Pad up to the top of the large oak in the back yard. As you can see from the pictures, my ladder only went part of the way up the tree. It is a 20 foot extension ladder, and the pad is about 6 or seven feet higher. I had Ashley hold the end of the rope until I could tie the Owl Pad in place. "Dad, are you scared?" she yells up. No I yell back." I would be" she yells. I was hanging on for dear life. After about 2 hours of messing around with the lag bolts, I was able to get a good secure anchor into the tree limb. I left a handle on top and secured the Owl Pad with a rope just to have a back up incase the lag bolts give way. When all was done, I took Melanie out to have a look at the new addition. When it was pointed out to her she just about had a heart attack. After she recovered from the shock of just how high up the box is off the ground, I thought she was going to put me in the ground. Now thaat this project is over, no more on it until I have something move in. Owls, I hope.


David said...

Ok. I like the craftsmanship of the house. I think to color will match your house perfectly. I was just wondering if the resident squirrel family has knocked on your door to thank you for the new house. I think you might have a problem keeping the little tree rats out.

I didn’t see any pictures of the house actually in the tree though. Are you sure its there? You might want to set up a poll to see what type of creature moves in first. Lol

Keep us posted.

Terio said...

Very Cool!!!! I need to put up some owl homes!!