Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jesus Christ

This last Sunday Melanie was supposed to take Ashley to see a play. It was my Valentine gift to Melanie as she just had to see it. Well, she came down with a bug and was unable to go. So I had to go in her place. Jesus Christ...Superstar.. Yes that is the play I went to with Ashley. A musical... Now this is not my first musical. I went to see Phantom of the Opera and it was great but Jesus Christ? Ted Neely who played in the original musical like back in the 1800's was still playing Jesus Christ! Amazing!! I was surprised. The singing and acting were first rate. I enjoyed the play. Our seats were in Orchestra and we had a great view. My only complaint was the lady that I was sitting next to reeked of smoke and her breath was horrible! So much for culture.

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Terio said...

That was funny!! I hate the MEL missed it! I can only imagine how great it was! I have tickets to see Mama Mia! I'm excited! For my 30th Birthday, Kevin got me tickets to see Phantom of the Opera..I loved it, he literally slept through the entire show!