Monday, April 20, 2009

Skunk, Oh SH*T

Meet Larry. Larry is my digger. We placed rock after rock on the fence line and nothing worked. I finally ended up placing an electric fence around the back yard to keep him in. How much trouble can he get into? Then, last night I hear, " Honey ,what's that smell?.... Oh crap, someone scared up a skunk!" Mind you this is in the wee hours of the morning and I was dead asleep. "What smell....I don't smell anything....Go back to sleep." When I wake a few hours later, i smell a faint skunk odor, but nothing more than usual. We live next to a green belt and have all sorts of critters. The Larry stayed away from me in the morning so I really did not notice anything different. When I came home this evening, the skunk odor was still there. It really was just an odd odor for me but everyone else said skunk. I told everybody to walk around and sniff. No smell any where. Then I said smell the dogs. All four. Sniffed Maggie, no odor. Sniffed the goat, no odor. Sniffed the Princess, no odor. Sniffed Larry and just about puked! We found the cause of the horrific odor. How did Larry find the trouble? I walked the fence line and found a dig hole in the corner of the yard. Just about the size for a small rodent to get under the wire. My only guess is Larry went to the back to "do his business" and stumbled on the little fella as he was going back under the fence. I called the vet to see what to use to get the smell away and scheduler was very unhelpful. She would not connect me to the Vet, just gave me the number to the groomer. I called the groomer and they were no help as well. "Buy the red bottle with the red cap and the skunk on the bottle". Yea, right. I looked on the Internet and the tomato trick was said to be bogus. I found several sites that said baking soda, peroxide, and dish soap worked well. What did I have to loose...Instead of the peroxide I used vinegar. The only place he still has the smell is between his eyes. I hope he learned his lesson.


Brenda said...

I hope Peppe Le Pew is recovering from his little mishap. Poor Larry!

Brenda said...

Poor you guys too. To have to smell that horrible smell. Yuck!