Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meet the Goat

Meet Christy. Christy is our Terrier. She was my mother-in-laws dog until she could no longer take care of her. I had told her not to get her because I knew that any dog they got would eventually come my way. Unfortunately I was right. She ended up in our house not long after she was at the in-laws house. Just look at her! She is so cute and friendly. Always ready to give kisses and sit on your lap. But she has a dark side. She has a collection that she doesn't want anybody to know about. She kept it hidden for the longest time. The secret is out. She likes to go under the bed because the big dogs can't. She would take her chew bones and toys under the bed. I never gave it much thought, until I was dusting. That is when I knew she was "Special". I found her collection. She stayed at the door looking in the entire time I was cleaning. As you can see it was no simple matter to remove treasures. The mattress and box springs had to be removed and her treasures filled a small trash bag. After this mess was cleaned up, Christy kept going under the bed on one side and out the other. She would jump up on the bed and sit at the foot and just give her best puppy face. When she sits she crosses her legs and looks so prim and proper. What a ruse. I know the truth. She is part goat!


Terio said...

That is just plain funny! I had a cat, Mehitable, that would still anything that shined and put it under the bed. I would find jewleru and silver coins. Your goatdog could be her reincarnated!

Brenda said...

We have a cat that likes to get into the bathroom trash and take things out, like Q-tips and cotton balls. She hides them under the table over by the couch where Donnie sits. Crazy cat!