Saturday, October 3, 2009


The pain is gone and the body feels normal again after the Tour DaVita. At first I said I didn't want to see a bike for a year, but now I am looking forward to getting back on it. After my traveling settles down I plan on getting back on it. I have been out of town for the last three days in Chicago. It was cool and rainy the entire time so I did not get out much. I did get out for about an hour between showers. I am always impressed with the number of tall buildings. I was there for the Managers meeting. It was a very informative and relaxing time. The first night there we went to a fine Italian restaurant and then went to a comedy club called Second City. It is where Saturday Night Live actors get their start. It was a very funny show. The next night we had dinner and an awards presentation with the team from Chicago at the hotel. Tomorrow I leave to Lubbock. (I wish I had a UT shirt to wear!) I will be there for five days to help out our newest Access Center. I have just one more trip planned for the year. It will be the first weekend in November down to Houston. Time will tell what other trips are on the horizon.


David said...

sounds like you are having a lot of fun. Why so much travel? New Job?

Danny said...

Same job. We have Managers meeting every year and we are having regional meetings quarterly. My Lubbock trip is to help out a center that has just opened. I try to make my self available to help out when I can. The travel is not bad and I am having fun. I like what I do.