Saturday, February 26, 2011

Community service

I spent my morning picking up trash from the local park today. It was part of a community service project to clean up the parks. We were assigned to clean up the Bandera road area of the Leon Creek Greenway park. There was so much trash!. I was amazed at just how much we picked up. Our group picked up over 25 lawn bags. I took my daughter Ashley with me. We walked and picked up trash together but more importantly we spent time together. It is these small moments that I treasure. I picked up 5 of the bags of trash that were collected by the group. Ashley told me that I am such an over achiever. I told her that I would rather be known as an over achiever than a slacker any day.

This is just one of the community service projects that we do together. We have spent several days with Habitat for Humanity. I think it is a win win situation. The community gets help and I get to spend time with my kids and instill my values. I can't help but think that I get the most benefit. I know that my kids don't think they are benefiting now but in the years ahead I hope that they will.

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