Sunday, September 28, 2008

Musings from the back of my head

I woke this morning at 6 o'clock. Whats wrong with that you ask. It's Sunday. I tried to go back to sleep but was unable to comply. So I made my coffee, took a shower, turned on CNN, and read the newspaper. Same crap, different day. I had a 11:30 appointment with the blood bank so i decided to go in early to see if I could get it over with. Driving over there I was cut off by some idiot who doesn't know how to turn out of a double turn lane. This had me driving more aggressively until I started to think about it. I am early to my appointment and have plenty of time. I asked my self why am I giving that much control to that idiot. I made it to the blood bank and they were able to get me in early. While I was filling out my paperwork I checked out the number of donations that I have for lifetime. I am at 156 units of blood and blood products. Thats pretty amazing considering the human body has about 1 1/2 gallons. 156 units is approximately 156 pints which is over 19 gallons! I happen to be CMV negative, so my blood and blood products are used in infants. If that doesn't make for a great day I don't know what will.


Jenn said...

Holy crap, that's a lot of blood!! Good job, didn't Nanny used to give blood all the time too?

Danny said...

Yes she did. She is one of the reasons that I decided to start giving platelets. Then I was told that due to my CMV status my blood products are used on infants. I try to give twice a month.