Friday, October 3, 2008

To HELL with the people

The American people have just been stung by the scorpion. It is in the nature of the politician to look out for self interests. The people spoke VERY loudly that we did not want this sell out of the American people. This bill is the same bill that congress voted no to before. So what was different.... About 150 billion dollars in ear marks and pork barrel spending on typical Washington bullshit. Congress had this bill for less than 48 hours to read through and dissect and digest. That is 451 pages of lawyer speak crap to sort out. How in the hell can anyone vote on a bill if they have not even read it. What the hell is wrong with these people? Every one should look up to see how their Senator and Congressman voted for this bill and keep that in mind when voting in November. The market spoke on the bill passing today. The DOW was up about 250 points before the vote and ended down 150 for the day. We the people can either roll over and bare our necks in submission or we can send a message to our ELECTED officials in this great country by firing each and every one. Time will tell. I for one will not take this sitting down. I will not vote for anyone who has proven will not vote the will of the people. A spending of this magnitude should go to a vote of the people. Raise your voice. Remind YOUR elected officials who is in charge!

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