Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring cleaning

For the first time, I drained the small Koi pond and cleaned out all of the "stuff" on the bottom. While the water was out I took the opportunity to adjust the border and make it more stable. There was about five inches of material on the bottom but the water was always clear. I filled the pond up and will let it sit for a couple of weeks. I will be in Houston next weekend but the following weekend I will put some fish in it and hope that the raccoons will leave them alone. The place that I bought water plants from no longer stocks them. I will need to find a new place for plants. I will post pictures when it is all put together.


Terio said...

Ahhhh. I love spring! Make sure you keep me posted on all your critters!

Shannon said...

IF you head down I10 toward my Mom's you will come to Water Garden Gems
They have a great selection of plants and fish ranging from reasonably priced to outrageous! Even better they have bunches of display ponds set up to give you ideas and people to answer your questions too!

Shannon said...

Just looked at the prices on the web site. Ouch! I know when mom went there a few years ago they had smaller plants and fish for much more reasonable prices. It is well worth the trip even if all you get is ideas from looking at the ponds.