Friday, September 11, 2009

Anatomy Class Fart

I was watching my daughter Ashley the other day do her homework. One of the subjects was Human Anatomy. It brought back memories of nursing school and of an incident that occurred during class. I busted out laughing at the memory and I’m sure my family thought I was crazy.

I took my Anatomy class in the evenings. The professor’s name was Mr. T (His last name was too hard to pronounce). He was one of the best teachers that I had at San Antonio College. He kept things interesting. There were always lots of activities in class to make sure that the learning objectives were met.

We were studying the respiratory system and going over the different terms for lung volumes. Mr. T had a machine at the front of the class that would measure the volumes. He asked for a volunteer to come up and have the lung volumes measured. There was a petite young blonde that volunteered.

Mr. T explained the process. “You take in as much breath as you can and then blow into this tube forcing out as much air as you can as fast as you can.” The cute blonde smiled and said o-Kay. She took in a breath and blew it out through the tube. Mr. T looked at the read out and said his grandmother could do better than that! Not wanting to look bad in front of the class, she took in another deep breath and blew as hard as she could.

While she was blowing out her breath she was bearing down and the unthinkable happened. The class was all quiet. Mr. T looked around the class amazed. “Come on! You have to have heard that!” he shouted, barely able to contain himself. “She farted!” My buddy Jason and I lost it, as did everyone else in the class, except the blonde. She turned red and quietly walked back to her seat.

I’m not sure what life’s lesson is for this story. I’m just glad that she volunteered before I did. I got an A in that class, and a really great story.

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