Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas tree

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In the past I would wait as long as possible to put up the Christmas tree.(One year I didn't even put the tree up.) This year I put the tree up the earliest that I ever have. Jenn and Jordon came over with Paul and the girls to help Ashley and Christopher decorate it.


Shannon said...

Yay! I am proud of you an I am sure Jenn is behind it. We will put ours up next weekend. I refuse to put it up before December 1st.

Deanne Johnson said...

I think last Christmas we just put up our small Christmas tree that sat on the kitchen table. But this year we put up our big tree. Not many presents under it...but that's okay.

Danny said...

I know what your talking about. I have learned that it is not about what is under the tree but what is in your heart.