Friday, January 1, 2010

Hope Wishes Dreams

Read 12 good books

Loose 20 pounds

Make over my yard

Be happy with my decisions

Spend more on me, time and money

Get back in school

Be a better…… {Father, husband, friend, boss, nurse, person}

“Hope is not a course of action.” That is a quote from Face Book. I gave it little thought at first. Hope is not a course of action but it will change your course of action. For if all hope is lost then drive and determination diminish and the goal is not reached. Never lose hope.

Dream is something you imagine, an aspiration or goal. If you can imagine it, it becomes more real. Don’t stop dreaming.

To wish is to want, desire or long for something. The more you want or desire something the harder you work for it.

20 gallons- my dream is for 5 more gallons more in the year to come

200 miles in Tour DaVita- my wish is to be healthy enough to be able to do 200 miles more this year

My hope is that all your wishes and dreams come true. Here’s to another year to spend with family and friends. As always, remember to live, love and laugh. Create your happiness.

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Jenn said...

Love this post Uncle Danny!!! (And you!)