Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Memory Fading

As you know if you have read my blog, I am a huge Famous Quote addict. I have a new quote delivered to the blog daily. They always provoke a moment of thought and reflection. The quote today is: Memory is the personal journalism of the soul.Richard Schickel

This got me thinking about my mother-in-law. She is in her fourth year with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's. We had to have her placed in a home that cares for patients with this devastating disease. She is more and more confused as the days go by. I can see changes each time I see her, which is about twice a month. Melanie sees her about four times a week.

I get to hear all about the interesting conversations. It is very sad to think that her personal journal is getting erased. Her memories are going away but her family will remember her as she was before. We will cherish the memories we have as she was and be thankful for them.

Alzheimer's sucks.

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