Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Owl House Guests

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After what seems like forever I have guests living in the owl house. Hundreds, maybe thousands actually. I was in the back yard today looking at a tree that I cut up last weekend and just happened to look up at the owl house. It had been several weeks since I had looked at it. A picture says a thousand words but these pictures do not do the bees justice. The bees are very thick in the opening. I am not sure if that is honey comb that I see or just bees swarming to keep the inside cool. You can hear the hum of the wings beating back and forth. Very cool. I just hope they are not the African honey bees that will chase me around the yard when I mow the grass.

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Shannon said...

Oh no! Mom had the africanized bees moving in at her place and took forever to get rid of them. She had the bee guy out 5 or 6 times before they were gone. Very very aggressive. Would chase her back in the house and attack the dogs. Would cluster on the windows after she was inside. Scary stuff.