Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Owl house up date

The sun was setting and I went out to check on the Owl house. We had quite a storm blow through here. It took down trees in the area so the wind was very strong. The Owl house was still bolted to the tree about thirty feet off the ground. All of the bees were back at the house and as you can see it is over flowing. The bees so far have not bothered anyone. I can walk around the yard and under the tree without any problem. I have mowed the grass and even used a chainsaw without incident. I will leave them be for now. If they become aggressive then I will have to do something about them. I wonder what happens to them in the winter? Do they stay put or do they die off like a wasp? I will have to do some Internet searches to find out. I had asked Melanie to go out and check out the Owl house. She said, "Why, do they have little honey bear bottles lined up for us?" Obviously she isn't as excited about the guests as I.

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