Friday, August 13, 2010

School Daze

When did they grow up? I woke up this morning and my daughter was starting her first day of her last year of high school. What happened to the first three years? School starts and then I lose her to her friends. The first day and it starts already! I am at work and I get this text message.

Ashley: “Dad I need 15 dollars”.
Me: “Why?”
Ashley: “I’m going to the movies and then out to eat at EZ’s”
Me: “Says who?”
Ashley: “Dad we talked about this a few days ago.”
Me: “I don’t remember”
Ashley: “Stop it Dad! I told you yesterday!”
Me: “No”
Ashley: “Mom said O-Kay”
Me: “So was it a few days ago or was it yesterday?”
Ashley: “You have selective hearing!”
Me: “No”
Ashley: “No what?”

I just left it hanging at that. What is the deal with texting any way? Wouldn’t a phone call be so much quicker?

So Christopher, not to be left out, tells me. “Dad, I need some money.” “Why do you need money?” I ask. “Because Mom said I can go to the movies with my friend tomorrow.”

So while at the store I get cash back. I am walking out the door and Christopher asks, “Did you get the money?”
“Why no. Was I supposed to?”
“Yes you did, I saw it.”
“Then why did you ask?”

My head hurts.


Shannon said...

Wait until graduation. It is tough when they grow up. Can;t belive that Cody is heading to bootcamp this year. Gah! When did we all get so f'n old?

Anonymous said...

We got old? Damn!