Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vibram Five Finger toe shoes: the Verdict

I have had my Vibram toe shoes for a while now. I have worn them as my daily shoes and have worn them out on the trails. I have about 70 miles on them. My first impression of them was a foot saver. I had tried several shoes but all hurt my feet. The Vibrams did not make my feet hurt. I thought I found the perfect shoes. Today I went walking the trails and walk ways in the park. The path is mostly concrete with stretches of dirt path. After six miles of concrete my heels were feeling the lack of cushion. I had to walk the last mile back on the grass next to the concrete walk. The difference was night and day. I will say that because I gave my feet a rest from conventional shoes for two months I am now able to wear my dress shoes without any foot pain. I will still wear my toe shoes, just not all the time. When my KSOs are worn out I will buy another pair of toe shoes.

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Shannon said...

Still love my five fingers too but they are best for grass and tarils, not for concrete. My heels hurt on concrete.