Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Walk in the Park

I stepped out of the house this morning to hang another ear of corn for the squirrels. (One was setting in the tree staring in the window!) The air had a crisp feel to it as a cool front had blown through yesterday. It felt like the perfect morning to go to the park for a walk. I came back inside and woke up the kids, it was after all 8:40 and half the day was gone already! The kids come down stairs and Chris jumps on the computer while Ashley sits on the sofa with her mom. I tried to get someone to go with me but I had no takers.

So I get to the park at 9:00 and there is only one parking spot left. Perfect! As I get out of the car a runner is just getting back from her run and lets out a primal scream. “I did it!” she yells. I shouted back “Great job!” and others around start to shout out their remarks of encouragement. I don’t know what her goal was but she achieved it and that was great. It was so nice to see strangers interacting in such a manner.

I head out on my walk moving at a good pace. The park was a hopping place. There were walkers, runners, skaters and bikers making good use of the cool morning. When I go walking I like to listen to the sounds of nature. So many had there ear buds on and not really paying any attention to anything or anyone. I was saying good morning left and right. Some people were friendly while others just appeared to ignore the greeting.

I started off with the goal of walking 13.5 miles. At 5 miles my left foot was getting uncomfortable. The inside heel was starting to hurt so after another half mile I stopped to look at it. Before I left the house I used padded mole skin on the heel as it had been a problem in the past. When I removed the sock the mole skin was just barely hanging on. The sweat was doing a number on the adhesive. I had a blister on the back of my heel the size of Texas and several smaller blisters on the inner heel. Well that put an end to proceeding further. Unfortunately I had to walk 5.5 miles back to the car with the blisters. Ouch!

On the walk back I came across an older gentleman that was picking himself up off the trail. He was bleeding from both arms and one leg. I asked him if he was all right. He was brushing the dirt off his legs and looking at the ground. He said that he had moved off the trail to let some bikers past and then tripped on a vine. I guess the riders didn’t notice. I made sure he was good before continuing on my way.

I made good time back to the car. It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes to go the 11 miles. I had plenty of time to meditate and clear my head. My battery is charged and I am ready for the week ahead. Who knows, I may go riding tomorrow but I know I will hold off on the walking until after Tour DaVita.

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Shannon said...

If you are going to be doing that kind of long walks on a regular basis it is worth the money to go to a store that specializes in runners and tell them what kind of problems you are having with your shoes/feet and get fitted properly. Expensive but better than blisters every time you walk.