Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dazed and Confused

I called my Dad the other day to see how things were going. We had just finished the week with a tropical storm and lots of rain. I also wanted to see how Mom was doing with her radiation treatments. I called his cell phone and he picks up.

Dad "Hello"
Me "Hi Dad, How's it going"
Dad "Fine..."
Me "I just finished helping Paul with the trees that fell down in the storm."
Dad "O-Kay..."
I go on talking for about a minute about helping Paul and then I say "Dad....Dad...." The phone is dead. So I wait a few minutes for him to call back. No call. So I call him again.
Dad "Hello..."
Me "I lost you there"
Dad "Yeah...."
Me "Did you get a lot of rain this week?"
Dad after a pregnant pause "Yeah....."
Me "Dad are you all right?"
Dad "Who is this?"
Me "It's Danny!"
Dad "OH!"

And so went the conversation with my Dad. From that point on we had a great conversation. I was starting to think that my Dad had a stroke or something. I know it had been a week or two since we spoke but come on.

When I talked with him today I asked him about the conversation. He said that he was in the truck on their way to eat dinner and the phone sounded like it had an echo. He said when the phone disconnected Mom asked him who it was. "Just some lady telling me about cutting up some trees" he says. When I called back and finally told him who I was everyone in the truck had a good laugh.

Then I started thinking. I started off the conversation, "Hey Dad." Who could it be? Do I have other siblings out there that I'm not aware of? Good lord I think nine is enough!

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