Monday, May 11, 2009

Front yard wildlife

If you can't beat em, feed em. I tried everything to keep the squirrels from destroying my bird feeders and humming bird feeders. I have had several types of feeders and the squirrels always find a way to get to the food. the flowers are chewed off all of the humming bird feeders and the one that does not have protruding flowers, the bastards pulled the bottom off of it. I have been putting out the corn on the cob and it seems to be keeping them occupied and leaving the feeder alone. The one humming bird feeder that I still use is suspended over the pond on a wire coat hanger. The squirrels looked at it for days trying to figure out just how to get to it. They have abandoned it for now. These are two males that just love the corn. The one sitting on the corn feeder is very "excited" to have the corn. The one sitting in the tree is "nuts" over the feeder. Sorry, I couldn't resist the puns. I will see how long this lasts before they get on my last nerve. Where's the owls when you need them?

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Shannon said...

I miss the squirrels that used to climb up on the feeder in our front window. The squirrels here are very shy. They are cute though, bright red with bushy ears.