Friday, May 15, 2009

Pizza, Texas style!

I was going through some pictures from last year and I found this one from work. One of my doctors really liked pizza. Our clinic was center of the year and the practice bought us a pizza for lunch(We had a very nice dinner out for the real celebration.) This picture does not do this pizza justice. It is HUGE. You can look on YouTube for big Lou's pizza and see a video of a pizza being delivered to a table. It's O-Kay pizza for taste, about the same as pizza hut. It's a good thing that we have double doors going into the clinic, both doors had to be opened to get it into the breakroom. The left over pizza was taken by a staff member home to her three teenager boys. She struggled to get the box into her compact car. Very funny!

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Shannon said...

That's what i want next time we are home! Just want to see the look on the kids faces. We could just eat it out doors since you don't have double doors on the house!