Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

We took Clara out for lunch on Mother's Day and gave her a small gift to hang on her wall in her room. Clara has been living in an assisted living facility due to her Alzheimer's. She has been there since November 1 2008. Melanie sees her at least once a week, usually twice. The kids get to see her about every Sunday. Clara has a roommate named Betty. Every time we go, Clara "introduces" us to Betty. Betty smiles and says nice to meet you. I'm not sure if she is being polite or if she really is meeting us for the "first" time. We took Clara to Olive Garden because it is one of her favorite restaurants. We arrived early and had no problem being seated. She had what she always orders, the eggplant. Then turned to Melanie and asked if she had ever been to this Restaurant before. "Yes Mom you have", Melanie replied. We ordered dessert, I paid the bill and we took Clara back "home". The caregiver had baked a cake and we sat down for dessert. Clara was glad for the dessert because she did not get any at the restaurant. We kissed her good bye and headed back home. It was a quiet ride home. I have to keep reminding everyone to enjoy the memories we have and to enjoy the ones that we are making now while she still remembers us. One day she will be lost forever, but she will still be here. My mother was taken by cancer and all I have is memories. I'm not sure what is worse.

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