Saturday, June 13, 2009

Moving at the speed of life!

Summer has to be here because the temperature is staying near 100 and water restrictions are entering stage 2. I had to mow my newly planted grass today. I am pleased at how well it is doing. I hate to see my water bill though. I have been watering every day as the web site recommended for the first two weeks. Now I need to water only once a week. Good thing, I leave to California tomorrow for 5 days and I know nobody here will water it while I'm gone. The Owl House remains empty. I am sad about that but I have read that it can take several years for the owls to find it. We had high winds here several times and it remains steady in the tree. The woodpecker family has moved on as well. The nest is empty and it is all quiet back by the fence. The squirrels have pissed me off and I removed the bird feeder. I need to find a squirrel feeder before I put more food out. That feed has gotten expensive and the squirrels can empty a feeder in a matter of minutes. The humming bird feeder is doing real well on the end of a long coat hanger. The squirrels look at it but can not reach it. I have several hummers that buzz around it and are amazing to watch. The pond is doing great. The lotus is doing real well as you can see from the picture. Still no flower and no flowers on the lilies. The Koi will come over to feed now but are still very skiddish. Christopher got his gituiar and is taking lessong once a week. I hope he sticks with it. If not maybe I will learn how to play. Well, thats about all that's been going on in my neck of the woods.

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