Monday, June 29, 2009

wildlife update

If you plant it they will come. I removed all of the plants from pots and put them into the ground. I never had any problems with the flow beds...until now. Apparently something likes the fresh tilled soil. Almost every morning when I go to work something has been digging around in the flower beds. The dirt is pushed on to the sidewalk and the roots are exposed on the plants. The plants are doing well otherwise. I just need to keep the roots covered to prevent them from drying out. The temperature today was 103 so roots can dry up quickly. Now that plants are in the pond, I see leopard frogs around the edge every week. Way cool. I have been trying to get wild life in the pond for a while now, except the raccoons. Them I can do without! I planted grass in the back yard. It is doing real well. I have had to cut it twice all ready. I was putting some water down yesterday and caught a gardener snake that was about 18 inches long. I haven't seen a snake in the yard since I first put the pond in years ago. It's nice to see the critters enjoying the yard.

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